Ghost Plant Stake


What is it:
This crystal clear acrylic support is a fancy way to help your plant climb without using bulky and ugly moss poles. It is completely transparent and will make a great feature in your house.

How to use:
Simply place it in the soil of your favorite pot and enjoy the magic.

Size guide:
Comes in a Set of TWO.
Each piece:
Height 39cm, Width 4cm, Thickness 0,5cm

Why is it special:

  • Made to last. Made out of high quality authentic Plexiglass that does not fade or discolour with use or washing.
  • Plexiglass sheeting’s clarity allows for more than 90% of light to pass through, making it more transparent than glass.
  • Modular design. Comes in a pair of two and you can make it as high as you need to.
  • It is completely transparent and your plant will look as if it floating in the air.
  • All our products are handmade in the EU and shipped with care and love in a beautiful box with instructions.
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