Ghost Gift Set


Our best sellers in one box.

Included in the box:
– 1 set of two transparent Ghost plant supports.
– A transparent Claroplants plate (size Large)
– Two beautiful Wish cards

Nicely packed in a cute box with a ribbon.

Ghost Plant Support
This crystal clear acrylic support is a fancy way to help your plant climb without using bulky and ugly moss poles. It is completely transparent and will make a great feature in your house.
Comes in a Set of TWO.
Each piece: Height 39cm, Width 4cm, Thickness 0,5cm

Claroplants Plate
An acrylic plant holder that allows you to easily grow plants in water.
A fun and effortless way to decorate any daylit corner of your house.
Size: 10cm Diameter.
Size LARGE is used for big seeds (such as avocado, mango, bulbs, bigger succulents and cacti).v