Melina Galati


Welcome to Claroplants!

I’m Melina and I’m the owner and designer of this small brand.

Our mission is to inspire people to observe, nurture and connect with our natural world through an urban-friendly re-proposal of houseplants.

We create simple, playful and minimal plant accessories and we want to inspire people to explore a different way to grow soil-free plants in hydroponic mode. 

All our products are made in Europe, with care for the people and the environment and packaged and shipped with love.

Claro in spanish =  (ADVERB, ADJECTIVE sure; of course; light; clear, obvious)

In the world of houseplants, it’s fairly common to put a cutting of nearly any plant in water and result in root growth and propagation. We feel pretty strongly that the real magic happens when you leave that plant in water and watch it grow. 

What if you could grow houseplants in glass vases for years and what if Monsteras could survive and grow in water for decades? 

Wouldn’t that be magic? 

‘Claro que sí’ (spanish) = Of course yes! 

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