How Color affects your mood – Colors and Claroplants

It’s not always the BIG things that can affect your mood. Simply the colors that surround us can have a huge effect on our state of mind and mood. It’s important to understand how color can affect you and create an environment of peacefulness and creativity.

Each individual responds to different colors in a different way, depending on associations, religion, culture. Your own personal experiences will determine how you observe and interpret certain colors. For example, you might find the color red as a positive influence on your mood or you might realize that the color green disturbs you because of certain experiences in your past. You might even find that certain color combinations enhance or decrease your mood, accordingly.

Since we all interpret colors in a different way, it is important to identify how single or combined colors make you feel so you can use them to enhance your mood, relax and get creative.

I personally like to surround myself with different shades of green combined with different colors. I like to use my surrounding space as a white blank canvas where there is a lot of green color deriving from my plants and some colorful splashes here and there from my Claroplants. This way I can always move them around, change them and give myself the sensation of wellbeing.

But let’s also take a look at some of the effects some colors can have on how you feel, based on the fundamentals of color theory.

And we are matching them to our favorite Claroplants.

Warm colors (red, orange, yellow)
They often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

Cool colors (green, blue, violet)
They are usually calming and soothing but can also express sadness to some people. Purple is a mixture of blue and red and it can be helpful to enhance creativity.

Happy colors (bright and warm like yellow, orange, pink, red)
They can be uplifting for your mood and make you feel happy and optimistic.

Calming colors (blue, green, lilac, mint)
They can make you feel calm and relaxed. Neutrals like white, light grey and beige can also evoke a calming effect.

Energizing colors (Neon pink, neon green, bright yellow)
They can have a powerful effect on your emotions and make you feel refreshed and energized. They will stand out and grab your attention.

It is important to note that colors can be subjective—what might make one person feel happy and cheerful can make another person feel sad or disturbed. But colors and emotions are closely linked no matter what, so you need to study, experiment and understand what suits you best.