How to grow Cactus and Succulents in water

Succulents and cacti are some of the most particular and charismatic plants.

While these plants are known for surviving on very little water intake, you can still grow them primarily in water like any other plant! Enjoy being part of the magical process and physically seeing the roots grow: an experience you will not otherwise have with potted plants.

The number one concern for succulent and cacti is root rot. Overwatering is one of the fastest ways that cacti and succulents are killed when growing in soil. If the roots do not receive enough air circulation, the roots will suffocate and become mushy.

Luckily, they can be grown in water and there are several ways to ensure happy and healthy plants living in water long term. This includes keeping the roots clean, adding nutrients to the water, and following the correct steps in propagation to prevent root rot from emerging.

Let’s explore a basic hydroponic setup using the Claroplants Plate.
If you are just starting out, here is a quick guide on how to grow cacti and succulents from scratch:

What you’ll need: A glass jar with water, a Claroplants Plate, a small potted cactus or succulent.

1. Choose a small cactus or succulent which is already rooted in soil. Prepare a glass filled with water and your favorite Claroplants plate.

2.  Carefully take out the plant from the pot and remove the soil around the roots. Wash well with clean tap water.

3. Fill a glass with the water level to where the very end of the plant will be submerged into the water. Carefully thread the roots of your plant into the Claroplants plate and place it on the glass.

4. Set under bright lighting to grow and change the water regularly.

Note: With the help of the Claroplants plate the entire plant is not submerged in water, but is hovering above. This prevents root rot because the entire plant itself is not submerged. Instead, the Claroplants plate is suspending the plant above the water, properly holding it in place.

Some people argue that cacti and succulents cannot live long-term in hydroponics, so they will need to be transplanted once established. This is not the case. With the right amount of nutrients added to the water, cacti are known to live in water for a long time.

Growing cactus and succulents in water is a fun and easy way to create a unique collection and give an extra spark to your home.

Pick up your favorite Claroplants and let’s get started!

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